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201 East Hennepin Ave. MPLS

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Welcome to Ginger Hop Restaurant! Ginger Hop is located in NE Minneapolis and offers a delicious, eclectic menu that pulls flavors from all over Asia, including Thailand, China, Vietnam and Korea. We also have fun jazzing up classic bar food with an Asian twist, or including beer as an ingredient to create extra tasty versions of some of your favorite Asian dishes! Many of our items are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, so it is a great spot for groups.

Enjoy the luscious “Indochine” vibe as you relax in one of the many booths in our dining room. Or belly up to the Old World style bar for an excellent house cocktail or a beer selected from the great list of local and international craft beers.

Our fun fusion cuisine, excellent beer and cocktail selection, and beautiful welcoming atmosphere will have you returning time and again. Take a culinary excursion at Ginger Hop, where East meets Northeast!

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Think Spring!

When the weather won’t bring the warmth you are looking for, let Ginger Hop bring it! A Tequila Mockingbird or Dark and Stormy will heat you up from the inside. Need some color? Try the Sweet and Sour Supreme, with its red peppers, green snap peas, orange carrots, and yellow pineapple, it is just the […]